Washington Man Gets The Gift Of Communication

Jim McNutt/Observer-Reporter

Theo Mechtawi is deaf. The 76 year old from Washington, PA has not given up and he’s made a wish to communicate. This man is such an inspiration, speaking words of wisdom and his talks about philosophical subjects.

Theo became deaf two years ago. He is not a user of ASL or SEE but rather communicates over a dry erase board which is not a viable method for the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate.

Theo attends an adult day care known as Senior LIFE in North Franklin Township and they found it difficult to communicate with Theo using this method, so they reached out to the Twilight Wish Foundation.

Twilight Wish immediately saw the advantages in getting Theo a UbiDuo and they immediately purchased him one. Theo was grateful for sComm’s creation of such a miraculous product and Twilight Wish providing him the ability to communicate barrier free.

Read more about Theo’s story here.

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