Sign Language Interpreters Anytime Anywhere

What is UbiTerps?

We provide a seamless and convenient way for video remote interpreting service. You can now easily find an interpreter, see their availability, and book a time slot online seamlessly. Just like if you were to book a Uber!
sComm’s goal is to become the ubiquitous market leader in providing the deaf and hard of hearing community with 100% accessible communication with the hearing world and with the environment around them. To this end, the UbiDuo serves as the premier solution for face-to-face communication when a sign language interpreter is not available, and now sComm is introducing UbiTerps as a new and innovative way of providing video remote interpreting (VRI) services.
Who better to run a sign language interpreting service than a team that can provide a variety of perspectives from both the deaf and hearing worlds? Our team, which is composed of a mix of deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing members, brings a wealth of experience in working with interpreters and technology to the table. We’ve put our heads and hands together to create a unique, one-of-a-kind VRI experience. We want to take UbiTerps in new directions, where no interpreting service has ever gone before.
Our VRI services are offered based on a pre-arranged schedule. We are taking the lead to offer more reasonable and affordable rates than are typically charged for VRI services.

Why choose UbiTerps?

Certified Interpreters

Highly qualified, skilled, and professional interpreters.


Easily schedule appointments for interpreter services ahead of time.

Conference Platforms

Capable of using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Webex platforms.

Hybrid Pricing

More reasonable and affordable rates than are typically charged for VRI services

Deaf & Hearing Support

Ability to contact signing customer service representatives for support if needed.

Accessible Solutions

All sComm clients can form and maintain an ongoing relationship with the sComm team for both UbiDuo and UbiTerps solutions.

How It Works

Select Date and Time

Go to the Calendly site and locate an available date and time slot.

Pick Video Service

Pick which video service (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex)

Make a Payment

Make payment

Connect and Proceed

At the time of the meeting, connect to the interpreter and proceed with the appointment.

Reserve an appointment