UbiDuo User – Prescott Ernst & Matt Heywood: 7th Graders Who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing

blog-pic18 Keep reading to hear from two 7th graders who are deaf and hard of hearing who shared their own thoughts about using the UbiDuo in a school setting. Their teacher, Debra Piper,Teacher, conducted an interview with students Prescott Ernst and Matt Heywood UBI – DU “OH!”
AWESOME! is how Prescott Ernst and Matt Heywood, 7th graders at Century Middle School in Lakeville, Minnesota, describe how they feel about UbiDuo! “I’m “hard of hearing, ” Prescott added, and I like being able to use UbiDuo in the lunch room because it’s SO NOISY! It’s very hard for me to understand what people are saying. I use to give up trying to talk with frien ds and just sit and eat my lunch quietly while everyone else was laughing and having fun. N ow that Matt and I have UbiDuo, kids come over to “our” table because it’s easy and FUN to talk to us! They use to yell as loud as they could, thinking it would help us hear (how embarrassing is that!) They would also try to fingerspell every word, write notes or the worst yet…say, “forget it, it wasn’t important.” THAT is really frustrating! But now, we use UbiDuo so much, it doesn’t feel weird to carry it around and kids love using it!” “We even taught our Dean, Mr. Bakke and the Principal, Ms. Gillach, how to use the UbiDuo! Before we had UbiDuo, we didn’t know how silly Mr. Bakke could be! AND Ms. Gillach, she’s really funny! We didn’t know principals could be funny!! When you have to communicate through a third person, it’s not the same as face to face! Both Prescott and Matt added, “With UbiDuo you can be yourself!” When asked what they liked best about UbiDuo, both quickly replied, “THE EMOTION ICONS!!” added Prescott. Finally, when asked, “If Mr. Curry were here, what would you say to him?” Chuckling, both Prescott and Matt said, “That’s easy! THANK YOU!! I can FINALLY speak without others speaking for me! blog-pic19
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