UbiDuo Tip – Setting on the Main Menu

1212121On the Settings screen, you can change the default settings for the UbiDuo. That is, you can change the font setting so that it is always a larger size, instead of changing it each time you use the UbiDuo. Changes you make through the Settings screen will not change until you go back in through this screen and change them again. They will remain the same no matter how many times you turn on and off the UbiDuo. 
Each UbiDuo can have its own settings, too. If one half needs to have a different contrast between the background and the text, for example, you want to make the text appear darker against the background, you can adjust just one half of the UbiDuo. Press Tab or use the arrow keys to highlight the Settings icon on the Main Menu, and press Enter. You will see the Main Settings Menu that looks like this. The UbiDuo retails for $1995. The price includes shipping, the UbiDuo carrying case, one year of free firmware updates and a one-year warranty. Find out more information about the UbiDuo at www.scommonline.com or call us at 1-866-505-7008. Contact us today and order your UbiDuo!
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