UbiDuo Tip ONE – Saving a conversation FAQ

1 Did you know that you can save conversations on the UbiDuo? It’s true! Conversations can be saved and downloaded to a computer (laptop or PC), where you can store or print them. This is especially helpful in some settings like an attorney’s or doctor’s office, where the chat session can be printed and added to the client’s/patient’s file. On the Split Screen, tab once to highlight the Save icon on the toolbar, and then press Enter.
Or you can press the Control key and the F3 key at the same time. Ctrl.+ F3 also saves a conversation. Either way, a box will appear that says Enter Log File Name. Type in a name for the conversation — you are limited to 8 characters — and press Enter. Your conversation will be saved, and you will return to the Split Screen. Remember to move your saved conversations to a computer if you really want to save them. If your UbiDuo fully loses power, any saved conversations will be lost. For more information on saving conversations, check out the UbiDuo user manual or give sComm, Inc. Customer Support a call at 816.350.7008
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