UbiDuo Tip – I.D. Display

343343I.D. Display To select I.D. Display, press Tab six times or use the arrow keys to highlight the I.D. Display icon on the Main Settings Menu. The I.D. Display screen is where you can select to have the UbiDuo Unit I.D. appear at the beginning of every new line of text during a chat session. This would help you, for example, if
you were planning to have a conversation and you needed to know who said what. If you assign Unit I.D.s to each half of the UbiDuo and set the Unit I.D. to display — the default is to show the Unit I.D.s If you don’t want the Unit I.D. to show up on ever y line of text on the left side, select No Prompt. The UbiDuo retails for $1995. The price includes shipping, the UbiDuo carrying case, one year of free firmware updates and a one-year warranty. Find out more information about the UbiDuo at www.scommonline.com or call us at 1-866-505-7008. Contact us today and order your UbiDuo!
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