UbiDuo Tip – Changing the Fonts

Increase the font size from 12 point up to 24 point font to improve readability. When you change the font size, the function key menus and the error messages will get larger or smaller; however, the toolbar in the Split Screen will not change size. From the Main Menu, go to the Settings screen to change the default font (it’s set to 12 point). From the Split Screen chat session, use F5 to change the font size on your half of the UbiDuo when you are chatting.
Changing font size – To change the size of the text on your screen, press Tab six times to highlight the Font Size icon (a number with down arrow), and press Enter. Available font sizes are:
12-point font
16-point font

20-point font

24-point font

NOTE: When you change the size of your font after you have already started typing, all of the text on both halves of your screen will change (what you have typed and what your chat partner has typed at the bottom of your screen). Function key menus will be changed to that size font also. It will not change the size of the font on your chat partner’s unit. They must change the size of the font themselves on their unit.
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