UbiDuo Success Story – Ryan Marcopulos

blog-pic101) How does the UbiDuo help you in your job at the Independent Living Center? Being the only Deaf person working for Independent Living Center, everyone is pretty much going in and out asking questions and share information that we find at the meeting, workshops or on the road. My UbiDuo is always on my desk and open ready for everyone to come in and sit and type to me. The staff doesn’t have to rely on the email every time and waiting to
receive answer. Sometime we have last minute staff meeting in the office, and all I needed to do is get my UbiDuo and find someone that is willing to sit with me and type for me. Sometime I have consumers that come in with their parents or family members, as most of us know that parents usually don’t know sign language very well if their child are deaf. it is great tools for us to use to communicate.   2) What is your all time favorite UbiDuo experience ? My favorite thing is when it’s on my desk – the co-worker can just walk in and sit and have a chat with me. Not necessary to be just “work-related” thing. I can make more friends through this. 3) What situations have you used the UbiDuo in such as meetings? I’ve used UbiDuo in many different situation. In the staff Meeting, One to one meeting, college tour to our center (Special Ed classes) I show them different options of communicating with Deaf people. Sometime they want to take over the note taker position to get experience of communicating with me in the meeting room. I bring it to Social Security Office,IRS office, and other business places. I make few trips to nursing home where Deaf person is residing and they often have few questions to ask nurse. I use it to communicate with the nurses for them. 4) What other comments would you want to share with people who are deaf or hard of hearing who yet don’t have the UbiDuo? Grab the opportunity of experiencing different technology and options out in the world. UbiDuo is a great tool to use if you are working in hearing world. You will be able to connect with them and you’ll be surprised what you may learn about your peers!
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