UbiDuo Success Story – Peter Downey

1) How do you feel about using the UbiDuo in your job after a year of being able to communicate with your hearing co-workers, clients, and other hearing peers at Sam’s Club?
Peter: The UbiDuo is an awesome device and gives me a perfect communication freely without having paper and pen, texting messages, lip-reading, and body gesturing. The device brought me to build up into a success level of communication with all of staff at Sam’s Club included attending some trade shows, and future business trips to Sam’s Club around the United States. I strongly believe that an important key is to have a total communication. UbiDuo is my lifesaver because it gives me a very great opportunity in marketing, giving presentations, meeting and discussing with the floor associates, and members. I have no trouble with making some conversation with everyone in everywhere. 2) What is your all time favorite UbiDuo experience? Peter: I love to meet people. Sometimes I was frustrated and had some misunderstandings due to some difficult communication. So I wanted to make sure if I understood what people had said to me as same time as I wanted some people to understand what I had said. At beginning about a several months ago in a year, I brought Jason Curry to visit and meet with my club’s general manager and personnel associate to see Jason’s presentation and demonstration. They were impressed of his presentation and demonstration and were mainly concerned with making something that I could have the UbiDuo. Few months later I decided to email to my general manager, and wanted to find out what was going on. They simply replied, “We couldn’t do because of its liability insurance.” I ran my guts out and made a suggestion to Sam’s Club home office and Jason Curry that we would have a big opportunity in making a better total communication spread through all Sam’s Club in some United States’ regions for membership desk and Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees. Later I was not expected that Sam’s Club Vice-President, Sharon Orlopp and sComm CEO & Co-Founder, Jason Curry gave me a surprise visit and brought me a gleaming UbiDuo included some cameramen. This shows my dream is becoming true. 3) What are your thoughts and emotions as you are able to hold your own conversations with the UbiDuo on the job at Sam’s Club and in other situations? Peter: I was invited to Sam’s Club’s huge Year Beginning Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. At the Year Beginning Meeting I gave my presentation about communication barrier in the audience of many managers, directors, top managers and associates. My Vice President, Sharon Orlopp also gave her presentation about Deaf Diversity in the all regions. Both of us brought our best encouragement gift to all the clubs to have the UbiDuos for Deaf community and give a warm welcome to hire Deaf and Hard of Hearing to work at their local club. I traveled with Jason Curry to Sam’s Club in Quincy, Illinois to give my presentation. After I gave my presentation to St. Louis trade show, many visitors suddenly overcrowded at sComm booth to get more information about UbiDuo. 4) What situations have you used the UbiDuo at sam’s Club or other situations? Peter: I was promoted a night supervisor that I meet all floor associates with UbiDuo. The device brought my junior personnel and myself made a better improving system to do their responsibilities. I was not expecting to receive an award “Best Associate of the Month” after my promotion in three months. I really thankful to UbiDuo a best communication method device and give me a successful ladder career. 5) What other comments your you want to share with the public about the UbiDuo? Peter: On my special comment to sComm CEO & coFounder Jason Curry, I was very pleasure to use communication method that I carry a device everywhere and brought myself successful opportunities. Never stop dreaming, no matter what experience you are!
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