UbiDuo Success Stories (in her own words)

blog9 Ashleigh Smith is a deaf-blind user of the UbiDuo, dubbed as her favorite toy. She has been putting the UbiDuo to its full potential for almost two years now 1) How do you feel about using the UbiDuo after almost two years to freely communicate with hearing people in professional or social settings? Ashleigh: After having many conversations on the UbiDuo for almost two years, I visualize myself as a hawk in flight–after being tethered to the confines in communication with the hearing world. I define communication not only as the exchange of words, butalso the exchange of personality… While the paper-and-pen method allows for communication, this method does not suit someone who is intellectual, who wants to go beyond the simple things in life such as where did one go to college, what was one’s major, where is one’s favorite place to eat… and the examples are endless. When you desire to connect with someone on a deeper level –whether intellectual or emotional, this often proves difficult because such connection requires the art of relating with one another. Relationship is a work of art in itself. The UbiDuo makes this work of art possible on a deeper level…. I am amazed at how rich I feel after having aconversation with someone on the UbiDuo–nothing ismore wonderful than the exchange of personality. After all, aren’t words driven by personality? And especially face to face as I can participate fully in the process of relating… Isn’t this the beauty of the videophone where one can see the other while engaging in conversation? But the difference here is that the UbiDuo widens the lane as it allows for communication with those who do not sign or do not know enough sign to have a meaningful conversation.
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