The UbiDuo 2 is Finally Here!

At the sComm headquarters on January 26, 2013, Jason Curry, sComm CEO, unveiled the next generation UbiDuo 2 to over 250 guests and a live streamed Internet audience. In addition to the UbiDuo 2 announcement, the launch party featured life changing stories from key UbiDuo users such as Jason Jernigan and Sandra Parkhurst, as well as entertainment by Evelina Gaina, Rathskellar and Cherry Bomb.
sComm CEO, Jason Curry, making an announcement that the UbiDuo 2 is engineered and manufactured in the USA. Lynn Boettcher (left) and Chris Kurz (right) were the two people involved in the design of the UbiDuo 2.
After six years of marketing the original UbiDuo, sComm listened to input and feedback from customers and used that data to carefully tailor the UbiDuo 2 to more exactly meet those customers’ needs. This revolutionary communication device promotes communication equality by empowering deaf, heard of hearing and hearing people to freely interact with each other face-to-face and eliminates bluffing, frustration and Communiphobia.
Dr. Janice Emerzian, Director of Disability Services at Fresno City College, talked about how the UbiDuos across her campus have eliminated barriers between the deaf students and the hearing staff

The sleek new UbiDuo 2 has a 7″ color touch screen, weighs four pounds, and is highly portable at half the size of the original UbiDuo. The unique patented hinge technology holds the two halves securely in place for easy transportation, and its eight-hour battery life ensures that users won’t be left stranded in the middle of those important conversations.

Some of the approximately 250 guests on hand for the unveiling of the UbiDuo 2
The UbiDuo 2’s new UbiOS software platform allows users to converse with each other face-to-face anywhere at any time and exchange text in real time on a split-screen display. As a key is pressed on either keyboard, the corresponding character appears simultaneously on both halves of the UbiDuo 2, which enables the conversation to proceed at warp speed and eliminates the need to take turns talking or wait for a response from the other party. “The next generation UbiDuo 2 sets a new standard of face-to-face interaction and experience never available or offered before on a communication device for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people,” says Jason Curry, CEO of sComm. The UbiDuo 2 is now available on the market and ready for purchase.

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