The Spirit of Christmas, plus an End of the Y ear UbiDuo Sale

The Spirit of Christmas, plus an End of the Year UbiDuo .Sale Christmastime is supposed to be a joyous celebration of family and friends. The Spirit of Christmas thrives when families interact in peace and harmony with clear, 100% face-to-face communication.
It’s all about including everyone, treating them with equal respect, and full communication with lots of joy. The most common problem deaf and hard of hearing people experience when they go to a family home full of hearing relatives and friends is the quick isolation and lack of face-to-face communication. During the holi days, a hearing family can get carried away with nonstop chatter and simply forget that a deaf or hard of hearing family member is easily left out of the group conversations. Those Christmas celebrations can be lonely and depressing for the deaf or hard of hearing when everyone else around them is hearing. The UbiDuo has given so many people the gift of face-to-face communication with their families, friends, and co-workers. The UbiDuo has empowered deaf or hard of hearing people to interact with the hearing people around them. They feel the spirit of independence and freedom and can enjoy taking relationships to a deeper level. Imagine yourself with the UbiDuo, giggling with family members and friends in the living room without having to write notes back and forth, or interrupting your loved one to interpret for you during the holidays. The UbiDuo enables deaf, hard of hearing,and hearing people to hold aconversation in the living room or at the dinner table without any communication barriers. It erases the fear that you won’t be able to hangout with family members during Christmas. The UbiDuo eliminates bluffing, frustration,and most importantly, Communiphobia. UbiDuo empowers you and someone who is deaf or hearing:
  • Experience 100% one-on-one Communication Equality.
  • Know that you can interact with each other anytime, anywhere.
  • Be comfortable enough with each other and makeconversation freely and easily.
  • Chat face-to-face without barriers for five minutes or hold a deep conversation for an hour.
  • Be confident that you are being understood word forword.
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