The face of sComm is changing! Or, let freedom ring!

The face of sComm is changing! Or, let freedom ring! A Summer message from the CEO, Jason Curry Did you have an explosive 4th of July weekend? Asthe weather heats up, so does the action here at sComm. I have exciting news to share with you this month: sComm has a brand new image!
Over the past few months, we created a new company logo that symbolizes the freedom of communication using technology. With the new logo, we also launched a brand new website to help people understand the freedom that the UbiDuo brings to people from all walks of life. Check out the new site at www.scommonline.com. It’s the same URL with a whole new look. Helen Keller once said something like, “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Below is another story of how the UbiDuo is breaking down barriers and giving people the freedom to communicate face to face. I think you’ll enjoy Miranda’s comments. There’s another tip, too, about the UbiDuo’s emoticons. You can use these fun graphics to spice up your conversations. ☺Communicate freely, Jason
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