The 10th issue of UbiNews from the CEO, Jason Curry

I am thrilled to say this is the 10th Ub iNews issue that I have shared with sComm clients, colleagues and acquaintances since launching this e- newsletter last year. It has been an incredible journey introducing the UbiDuo face-to-face communication device. People who are deaf, hard of hearing and hearing from all over the nation have shared their stories about how their lives have been totally changed by the UbiDuo. It is not just a piece of technology on your desk — it can literally change the life of a person who is deaf or hard of hearing and the hearing who interact with them.
Two weeks ago on a Thursday morning,I experienced the highlight of my week. A UbiDuo customer named Kevin from Wisconsin called me out of the blue on the video phone to share his emotional story. He bought the UbiDuo through the Wisconsin Assis tive Technology loan program for personal use this past October. He was in a serious accident, so he has a lot of appointments for his injuries. For five months, he’s experienced the UbiDuo on an almost daily basis for doctor appointments, physical ther apy and chiropractor visits. He was emotional as he told me how he felt as free as a bird with the UbiDuo. Kevin explained that his life before the UbiDuo was very lonely and isolated because he just could not go anywhere, anytime without an interpreter. Like most deaf or hard of hearing people, Kevin dealt with face-to-face communication barriers. He was so excite d that he could call to schedule his appointments without having to worry about scheduling conflicts with an interpreter. Before, when the interpre ter was available, he could only go on three to five appointments within a six-month time frame. Now with the UbiDuo, he was able to attend 40 different appoint ments and meetings! H e was tickled to death signing to me! He had so many things to do in terms of simply leaving his own home to go to meetings, appointments or gatherings. Kevin is now participating in life as an active member of his community.The last sentence he signed to me before we got off the video phone was this: “I can finally control my own life schedule!” I was very touched by that statement. My message to each one of you is that you, too, can become included in your community. You can control your life schedule, andyou can become a free like a bird like Kevin with his UbiDo. In fact, keep reading to find out about our YouTube video contest! Communicate freely, Jason
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