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UbiDuo Success Story – Ryan Marcopulos

1) How does the UbiDuo help you in your job at the Independent Living Center? Being the only Deaf person working for Independent Living Center, everyone is pretty much going in and out asking questions and share information that we … Read MoreRead More

UbiDuo Success Story: Customers At Farmers Mark et Communicate Using The UbiDuo

Sharon Walker in Kalispell, Montana has found a creative use of her UbiDuo. She was a nurse when she lost her hearing four years ago. She says losing her hearing was an ordeal. She felt isolated. Until the UbiDuo came … Read More

UbiDuo Success Story: She’s Really Fully Involved, Not Only With The Teachers But Also In Discussions

Sierra Walker, a deaf student mainstreamed in a high school in Rockingham County, North Carolina was featured in a local TV news report. Sierra credits the UbiDuo for being on the honor roll and preparing her for college. When WFMY … Read More

UbiDuo Success Story – Peter Downey

1) How do you feel about using the UbiDuo in your job after a year of being able to communicate with your hearing co-workers, clients, and other hearing peers at Sam’s Club? … Read More