UbiDuo Communication Device Opens Up New World

Sometimes the smallest wish can create the largest impact, or at least that is true for Washington area resident and Senior LIFE participant, Theo Mechtawi. Four years ago, Theo lost his hearing due to a rare infection that caused his … Read More

UbiDuo 2 Helps Deaf Washington Man Once Again Enjoy Conversation

Theo Mechtawi hears what others do not. Read more about his story here. … Read More

Washington Man Gets The Gift Of Communication

Theo Mechtawi is deaf. The 76 year old from Washington, PA has not given up and he’s made a wish to communicate. This man is such an inspiration, speaking words of wisdom and his talks about philosophical subjects. Theo became … Read More

sComm Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Curry Issues Statement Regarding Communication Options for Deaf, hard of Hearing, and Hearing

Press Release sComm Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Curry Issues Statement Regarding Communication Options for Deaf, hard of Hearing, and Hearing sComm reconfirms their commitment to enhancing communication options for the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing. Raytown, MO, April 9, … Read More

New sComm Website Enhances User Experience

sComm is pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh and modern new look and improved user experience, updated with the latest information about our products and services. … Read More

Krae Steffenhofer – Department of Fish and Wildlife Service

Krae Steffenhofer, a deaf employee with the Department of Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), shares his own story about how the UbiDuo is making a impact with his job. Krae works in the IT department with FWS and interacts with … Read MoreRead More

UbiDuo Success Story – Ryan Marcopulos

1) How does the UbiDuo help you in your job at the Independent Living Center? Being the only Deaf person working for Independent Living Center, everyone is pretty much going in and out asking questions and share information that we … Read MoreRead More

Communication rights for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people – Jason Curry, CEO

As some of you might not know, I was born profoundly deaf and I have learned something new. I have met with many people all over the country, and one thing I hear over and over is that both people … Read MoreRead More

Deaf USPS employee – UbiDuo

Fox News of Milwaukee, Wisconsin features Scott Walker, a USPS deaf worker working at the front lobby of the Post Office using the UbiDuo as a part of his communication with hearing patrons. Scott works the front counter easily and … Read MoreRead More

UbiDuo vs. Laptop and Tablet

Think a laptop or tablet is the answer in face-to-face communication situations with people who are deaf or hard of hearing? Think again. Neither of those devices can compete with the UbiDuo, a communication device built specifically to bridge the … Read MoreRead More