Jason Curry

Communication rights for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people – Jason Curry, CEO

As some of you might not know, I was born profoundly deaf and I have learned something new. I have met with many people all over the country, and one thing I hear over and over is that both people … Read MoreRead More

What is Communiphobia?

It is the terrifying fear of no communication. It is when a hearing and a deaf person faceeach other then freeze up with fear that they will get no communication as they try to communicate with each other. Learn how … Read More

From the CEO, Jason Curry: Filling the Face to Face Communication Gap

Hearing people can communicate face to face every second, every minute, every hour of every day. They don’t have to worry about not being understood or not understanding everything that is said to them. There are six different ways deaf … Read MoreRead More

From the CEO, Jason Curry: From No Communication to Full Communication

From No Communication to Full Communication with the UbiDuo. Having no communication at all on the job on a daily basis impacts the ability to climb the career ladder. Deaf or hearing people are the most impacted by their inability … Read MoreRead More

Encounter Analysis

In this issue, I want to examine the power of face-to-face communication at a deeper level. When you have a face – to-face encounter with another person,you usually have a conversation without communication barriers. … Read More

Analysis of Face – to – Face Communication from the CEO, Jason Curry

Face-to-face communication is the centerpiece to success in any relationship. It is not a luxury.It is a necessity. Face-to-face communication matters! Over time and throughface-to-face communication, people form stronger and more lasting relationships. The abilityto hold face-to-face conversations throughout the … Read MoreRead More

The 10th issue of UbiNews from the CEO, Jason Curry

I am thrilled to say this is the 10th Ub iNews issue that I have shared with sComm clients, colleagues and acquaintances since launching this e- newsletter last year. It has been an incredible journey introducing the UbiDuo face-to-face communication … Read MoreRead More

A Thought-Provoking message from the CEO, Jason Curry

In this current economy, it’s difficult for everyone to find a job. It can be even more difficult for someone needing extra services. No agency or company can stand an interpreter beside an employee who is deaf or hard of … Read MoreRead More

A Merry Christmas message from the CEO, Jason Curry

Christmas is a time when family and friends get together to relax and have peaceful holiday conversations. Being able to communicate without barriers with loved ones is a cherished experience. Chilling out in the living room and sharing stories at … Read MoreRead More

An autumn message from the CEO, Jason Curry

An autumn message from the CEO, Jason Curry Can you believe fall is already here, and the holidays are around the corner? School has been in session for 8 – 10 weeks, depending where youlive, which means this is a … Read MoreRead More