Scared of Using the UbiDuo Because of En g lish Problems? No Problem!

In the United States, the majority of Americans use English to communicate in almost all professional and social settings. For people to express and interact with each other, they communicate using English. It’s the foundation for most communication.
At sComm, we have heard from people who are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing who have expressed concerns about using the UbiDuo because they think their English skills are not good. We believe that as long as a person is able to express himself using any level of English, he can use the UbiDuo.Someone can use the UbiDuo if they can do one of those these thing:
  • Use a cell phone to communicate with their peers.
  • Read and write comments on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Read captioning while watching TV or a movie.
  • Read and write emails.
Not using the UbiDuo because your English is “not good enough” is not anexcuse if you use a cell phone, post comments on social media sites, send emails or watch TV or a movie with captioning. When you do any of those activities, you are actually using English to express yourself. What is the difference between those activities and communicating on the UbiDuo? The most important thing is to communicate with another person using the English skills you have and not worry about “how good your English is.” Face-to-face communication and interaction is the most important part of being human in this world. The UbiDuo powers face-to-face interaction between people who are deaf, hard of hearing and hearing. It’s the most advanced piece of technology built for face-to-face interaction, and anyone -with any level of English – can use it.
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