Sam ’s Club uses the UbiDuo to make an impact

blog6Sam’s Club and sComm partnered last November to make double the impact on the deaf/hard of hearing community. Sam’s Club has incorporated UbiDuos in 20 stores around the country to increase accessibility for both employees and members who are deaf/hard of hearing.
Beginning with Peter Downey, an employee in Overland Park, Kansas, who is deaf, Sam’s Club took the next step to facilitate face -to-face communication between Peter, his manager, and the employees he supervises. The UbiDuo allows Sam’s Club members and employees who are deaf/hard o f hearing to fully interact with the hearing employees at the membership desk and on the job at any time during their shift.
(Member who is deaf on right communicating on the UbiDuo with the membership desk clerk at Sam’s Club in Overland Park, KS.)
(Peter Downey, employee who is deaf, on left communicating with a co – worker on the floor at Sam’s Club on the Ub iDuo) employees waiting to use the UbiDuo to talk to our deaf associates in a manner that they’ve never communicated before. They learn so much more about who the employee really is and what they are passionate about. Each time a Ubi is put into each Sam’s Club, it is an emotional moment.” sComm’s number one goal is to incre ase the employment rate for people who are deaf or hard of hearing by giving them the power of face -to-face communication with the UbiDuo. I want to emphasize the critical impact the UbiDuo has had on Peter’s career with Sam’s Club just in the last 12 months. Peter has been with Sam’s Club for 13 years in the same position with no promotion opportunities. He felt he had to stay in the same job to be safe because he had no way of communicating with his hearing peers. Without the power of face -to communication, he was trapped and couldn’t easily seek new job opportunities the way his hearing co-workers could. When Sam’s Club purchased the UbiDuo for Peter, it totally changed his work environment. The UbiDuo gave him the power to strike up a conversation withco- workers, members, and managers. Over the last nine months, Peter has been promoted several times. No employer will hire an interpreter to stand by an employee who is deaf or hard of hearing every minute of the workday. Employers see the power of communication as the number one key to the job. Employees need the ability to interact andcommunicate with other co-workers without barriers.This power and freedom enables them to seize new job opportunities. If you cannot interact with others in the workplace , it’s easy to find yourself in a rut. Peter got caught in that situation without a way to move forward, until he was given the UbiDuo. Communicate freely,Jason Curry, CEO The UbiD uo will help you mee your budget and help provide equal communications access to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. You can get the UbiDuo for $1,995, which includes the UbiDuo carrying case, one year of free firmware updates, a one-yearwarranty and free shipping! Find out more information about the UbiDuo atwww.scomm.com , or call us at 1-866-505-7008.
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