Reaching Communication Equality – Stevin Amonett & Lois Symington Ph.D

We have heard from hearing managers that they want their employees who are deaf or hard of hearing to have communication equality like their hearing co-workers. Communication equality means that all employees in a work environment experience the same level of communication, including barrier-free face-to-face communication. In the instance of Lois and Stevin at the East Tennessee Access Center, the UbiDuo has taken their level of face-to-face communication to a level of communication equality.
Workers who are deaf or hard of hearing often miss out on the impromptu or complex face-to-face discussions during the work day, which can have a huge impact on job performance and building relationships with colleagues. When hearing people communicate with other hearing co-workers, they not only rely on technology, but they have the advantage of face-to-face conversations that people who are deaf or hard of hearing lack. What happens is that deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing employees rely on email, IM, phone communications or even pen and paper to exchange work information. When hearing and deaf co-workers can’t interact with each other face to face, they don’t experience true communication equality. The compromised level of communication can prevent deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing employees from developing in-depth work relationships – and could prevent some employees from reaching their full potential. The solution to maximizing communication equality for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people is the UbiDuo. The UbiDuo helps level the playing field of face-to-face communication between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people like Lois and Stevin, and it empowers employees to interact with each other and foster real relationships. Managers, if you want your employees who are deaf or hard of hearing to have the same access to communication equality that your hearing employees have, order a UbiDuo today. A UbiDuo is a one-time cost and is available on the spot for face-to-face conversations when interpreters aren’t. You can be one of the scores of managers like Lois, who made the decision to order the UbiDuo for one of her employees who is deaf. Her employee Stevin needed the UbiDuo to interact with his co-workers at the East Tennessee Access Center. Employees, if you want to build deeper relationships with your peers and ensure you’re reaching your full potential in your job, talk to your manager about ordering a UbiDuo today. The UbiDuo can help you receive the information you need to stay on track with – or advance – your career, and have communication equality like your hearing colleagues. Order your UbiDuo today by calling 816-350-7008 (866-505-7008 toll-free); using Sorenson VP at 816-527-8339 (vp.scommonline.com for other VP carriers); or support@scomm.com. Or, visit our website at www.scomm.com.
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