New sComm Website Enhances User Experience

sComm is pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh and modern new look and improved user experience, updated with the latest information about our products and services.
The updated pages contain clear information about the use of the UbiDuo in different situations. You can now find elaborated info about the 2 versions of the UbiDuo 2, the wireless and wired versions. You can also learn more about the UbiOS which is the proprietary operating system of the UbiDuo 2. You will be able to review the tech specs of the UbiDuo 2, watch the related videos of some of our UbiDuo customers and read the most updated news. One of our primary goals was to enhance the user experience at sComm.com. The new design allows the users to quickly find the contents thanks to its intuitive design. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, finding more options and information each time, and that our goal is to communicate the information more effectively to you and more importantly, strengthening our relationship with each one of you.
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