My Own Experiences

I was a presenter at the Invest Midwest event in March. During the break in the lobby, the attendees mingled and chatted with each other. With the UbiDuo, I was able to carry on with my own conversations at a high-top table. Even though I had not yet met many of them, I conversed with about 30 people and was able to strike up a conversation without any barriers.

In a meeting with a business guest in the conference room on the UbiDuo. That meeting lasted approximately 2 ½ hours and I carried on in the meeting alone with this guest. We covered a lot of company issues that I needed to cover.

In a 4 way chat on the UbiDuo in a meeting with 3 other hearing people, I am on the right behind the man on the right. We were discussing different issues related to sComm. That meeting lasted 3 hours and the meeting went very smooth without any communication barriers.

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