Miranda Owens – Hard of Hearing Individual

14Employee with the LIFE Center These are Miranda’s own words about how she feels about the UbiDuo. 1) How do you feel after using the UbiDuo to communicate freely with hearing people in your office? The UbiDuo makes me feel more involved and relaxed knowing I didn’t have to try to hard to understand what was

being said by more then one person.(Miranda Owens on left communicating with her boss in a meeting) 2) What are your thoughts and emotions as you are able to hold your own conversations on the UbiDuo? (Miranda Owens on left communicating with her boss in a meeting) Since I am not as fluent in sign language as I would like to be, the main way I communicate is by lip reading. With the UbiDuo, I feel happy knowing I was an active part in the conversation. 3) What situations have you used the UbiDuo in such as meetings or social functions? Every week, our staff holds a meeting. The UbiDuo comes in very handy during these meetings. It is almost impossible for me to catch everything just by lip reading everyone. 4) What other comments would you want to share with the public about the UbiDuo? In my opinion, the UbiDuo is the “bridge” to close the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds

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