Mikey Graziano – Deaf Employee with U.S. Army

1212These are Mikey’s own words about how he feels about the UbiDuo. 1) How do you feel after using the UbiDuo freely with hearing people in your office or other settings? I feel comfortable and have come to rely on using UbiDuo with hearing people in my work environment. Ubiduo does speed up conversations between two parties. We don’t have to worry about obtaining interpreters at the last minute. Here is Mikey communicating with his supervisor at the U.S. Army. 2) What are your thoughts and emotions as you are able to hold your own conversations on the UbiDuo? I am able to hold my own conversations in face to face and can see the person’s emotions and expression. UbiDuo eliminates use of paper communication. E-Mail always leads to misunderstanding. 3) What situations have you used the UbiDuo in such as meetings or social functions ? I have used the UbiDuo on face to face environment. We strive to improve our customer service to reduce processing time. It can eliminate uses of interpreters in informal meetings. I can work with customers on their web contents more efficiently. 4) What other comments would you want to share with the public about the UbiDuo? UbiDuo is recommended as important communication tool for all deaf, hard of hearing persons and persons with speech problems in all customer services and offices.
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