Inclusion in Everyday Living with the UbiDuo

This newsletter is dedicated to Ashleigh Smith, a UbiDuo user for the past two years. As I read the testimonial of this young woman, who happens to be deaf and blind, I have learned something very compelling. In our society, most people live each day to the fullest when they have the ability to communicate with anyone. Interacting face -to-face without consciously thinking aboutthe communication process itself is freeing, no matter what the situation,
whether it be professional or social. The feeling of being included in life —the sum total of different situations with different people—enriches lives, and that feeling comes from the ability to communicate freely face -to-face. For the past two years of Ashleigh’s life, using the UbiDuo has meant that she has been included in family gatherings, job interactions, and visits with the doctor. It has allowed her to go on a different journey by being able to connect with people like never before. We at sComm have been promoting tirelessly the importance of inclusion in everyday living for people who are deaf, deaf and blind, hard of hearing, or hearing.Being included in the conversations of your life, no matter how short they are, has a powerful impact on your mental health and your spirit. It eliminates isolation. It puts you in the center of your own life instead of living around the edges. The UbiDuo is not only for people who are deaf and hard of hearing but it is also for the people who are deaf with low vision. The cutting edge technology of the UbiDuo makes it all possible for users like Ashleigh. Please read Ashleigh’s moving story. Communicate freely, Jaso
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