Highlights – UbiDuo at International Consumer Electronics Showcase

For the first time in its 9 year history, sComm took advantage of the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas to demonstrate the next generation UbiDuo 2. The CES is THE BIGGEST technology show on the planet, and offered tremendous opportunities to share what we’ve been doing at sComm. Everyone was …
impressed by the UbiDuo. It got rave reviews from numerous technology experts. They all repeated the same thing – there is nothing like the UbiDuo anywhere in the world; and, that the UbiDuo should be the tool for human interaction between deaf and hearing people on a daily basis, regardless of the situation. It was exciting and encouraging when people, with no idea what the UbiDuo could do, sat down with us and said, “Let me see what you have.” Everyone was amazed. We was honored to meet so many people, not only from the US, but also from all over the world. Nowhere but CES would we presented with such tremendous opportunities. Here are a few highlights from the show: The UBiDuo was chosen as one of the top 25 Hot Picks of the 2015 CES by CRN News, Analysis, and Perspectives. A doctor from a large eastern seaboard hospital was at the CES as a guest of his brother’s and to support his brother. At our invitation, he let us tell him about the UbiDuo. He had no idea what the UbiDuo was, but was polite and listened intently. At the end of our talk, he said: “I am a doctor in a large hospital. We need these on every floor of our hospital because our communication with patients who are deaf and hard of hearing is frustrating for them.” A representative from a company in France wanted to know he could type French-to-French on the UbiDuo. Fortunately, our Vice President speaks fluent French, and was able to explain about the value of the UbiDuo, entirely in French. This man wanted to learn more about the UbiDuo’s use in pharmacies in France. (Note that anyone UbiDuo can communicate in French, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Spanish – we did that too.) A representative from Turkey sat down with us and tried out the UbiDuo. We communicated successfully, as the Turkish language uses letters just as English (with a few added characters). He was extremely interested in using the UbiDuo in an educational environment in Turkey. Another woman wanted a UbiDuo right away, “My mother is in the hospital on a vent and we have no way to communicate with her.” For a short time, Dr. Phil was in the booth next to sComm. He and his son are part owners in a company that allows patients to contact a doctor for a diagnosis over the phone and internet. His son sat down and tried the UbiDuo with me. This meeting showed me that that Dr. Phil practices what he preaches. He and his son were very gracious and expressed sincere interest in knowing about the UbiDuo. From one Japanese attendee: “There is nothing in this trade show that I cannot already buy in Japan – except your UbiDuo. We have nothing like this in Japan, and we need it.” Even outside of the CES, we were blessed. The Venetian Hotel was hosting a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. Leonardo was a genius with ideas before his time. That made us smile, because we believe that the UbiDuo used to be an item before its time, but now has become something of importance right now for the times in which we live. Finally, our CEO, Jason Curry (who is deaf) spent two hours at the Las Vegas airport, talking on the UbiDuo with strangers. They talked about the conference and shared ideas just as naturally as two hearing folks would. When can a deaf person do that? Isn’t it obvious? With the UbiDuo, a person who is deaf can go anywhere and be totally independently!
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