From the CEO, Jason Curry: Fear of No Communication is Holding You Back

Fear of no 1communication is destructive. It can pull deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people apart and prevent relationships from forming and growing. The constant fear of having no communication — especially when an interpreter is not available — keeps deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people from having interactive, barrier-free relationships.
When a person who is deaf and a hearing person don’t have the power to strike up a conversation, fear can take over. They can become isolated from each other without a way to communicate until some kind of access is in place to push them together.They can be terrified to communicate with each other because of the worry that the face-to-face communication experience will be awful or uncomfortable. In the past century, interaction between the deaf and hard of hearing has evolved with technology. Communication over the phone or at a workshop has improved in different ways. Only one type of communication has not yet improved: face-to-face communication. This is when a deaf or hard of hearing person and a hearing person hold aconversation while sitting or standing across eachother. Until the UbiDuo was born, no technology or solution had been developed to break that communication barrier. The fear for face-to-face communication has evolved into acceptance in the deaf culture. We who can’t hear have gotten into a mindset that we should just accept that we cannot communicate with a hearing person until an interpreter comes to the rescue. We should sitalone and isolate ourselves. It doesn’t have to be this way. The UbiDuo provides instant face-to-face communication  access when an interpreter isn’t available. It can help eliminate the fear of no communication. Someone who is deaf or hard of hearing doesn’t have to sit in isolation and wait for an interpreter. People who are deaf or hard of hearing don’t have to accept the fear of no communication. We can use the UbiDuo to smash communication barriers and form relationships with hearing family members, friends, co-workers, clients,managers and service providers sComm is going to show you how deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people are struggling to communicate in this world. Click on the video for a preview… and watch the full-length video in February! From No Communication to Full Communication 2 This video shows the shocking difference between having no communication and having full communication between a deaf employee and a hearing employee with the UbiDuo in an office setting. Transformation of Communication 3 See what happens when an interpreter isn’t available in a work environment to help facilitate communication between an employee who is deaf and one who is hearing. There’s a solution to this frustration and communication inequality: the UbiDuo. Who Rules When the Interpreter is not Available? 4 What happens when an interpreter can’t show up or doesn’t show up for a scheduled appointment? Watch this short video to see how a deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing employee’s schedule is jeopardized.
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