Farewell to Replacement and Repair Service for Original UbiDuo 1

Ten years ago, the launch of the original UbiDuo created a new reality of how the deaf and hearing can communicate face-to-face without an interpreter. The first of its kind, the UbiDuo 1 provided a new path for 100% communication.
The birth of the UbiDuo 1 opened up new employment opportunities, greater ignocial interaction, and increased freedom for communication access in all areas of our private lives in a way not possible before. Family time, medical visits, legal, banking discussions, and just being able to sit down and have a spontaneous real-time chat over a cup of coffee became easy for the first time. The UbiDuo 1 has a proud history in launching real-time face-to-face communication with its solid extraordinarily reliable “work-horse” technology. As of April 30, 2015, we will no longer be able to service those units. We now consider the UbiDuo 1 obsolete and will not have a supply of parts to work on these units. Even though we are saying farewell to the UbiDuo 1, we will continue to support our customers through training and any self-repair issues. We do have a very limited quantity of batteries still available and those will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The UbiDuo 1 has had a great ride. The UbiDuo 2 is proving to be an even greater success. sComm provides replacement parts and repair service for the UbiDuo 2 with the same attention to your needs as we have the past 10 years. As the older technology makes way for the newer one, UbiDuo 1 users have even greater opportunities as they upgrade to UbiDuo 2. Please contact us at info@scomm.com for more information. Thank you for helping launch a new era of face-to-face communication.
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