End User Experience – Jeremiah Sisovsky in his own words

321This will be the first time I have added a comment about one of our UbiDuo end user stories. When I received the pictures from Jere, I was taken aback by their meaning. The pictures speak for themselves. I don’t even have to say anything more about what the UbiDuo is doing for his life. It shows the sky is the limit like his last name!! 1) How do you feel after using the UbiDuo to communicate freely with hearing people in professional or social settings? Satisfied that I understood all the information the other person wanted me to have. Satisfied that the purchase of the ubiduo was a wise one. Hopeful that it will assist in the next interaction and the next and the next… Like a contributor to the conversation, making it easier/more convenient for the other person; feelings that they were more comfortable than with many other ways of communication. Feelings of less neediness for other’s assistance (pity for the poor deaf man). I’ve actually liked all my experiences with the Ubi, so no “favorites” per se. There was one I thought particularly neat: I got a referral to help a client. I had almost an instant sense of confidence that I would be able to communicate because I had the Ubi. I drove to see them to find out the problem. I drove there, fired up the Ubi, and confidently carried on some very important conversations, 30 miles from home to boot. How’s that for freedom. So it was a good experience. The other people were comfortable (it’s nice that the Ubi has virtually no learning curve) using it. I used many features of the Ubi, from smileys to saving conversations. A really good experience all around. 3213) What are your thoughts and emotions as you are able to hold your own conversations on the UbiDuo? See question 1. Also, “this is fun.” Can’t wait for the next opportunity. Bring it on LOL. 4) What situations have you used the UbiDuo in such as meetings or social functions? Job interviews. Professional discussions. Community dialogs. Fun chats with friends. Notetaking in Church in lieu of terps. 5) What other comments would you want to share with the public about the UbiDuo? Try it. You’ll really like it. Go green, save paper and ink. Save time & energy. Not only does using the UbiDuo increase one’s self-esteem for independence and in esteem in other’s eyes, but also the promotion of righting the misperception of deaf and others utilizing the Ubi as being helpless, dependent, and needing their unwarranted charity. Go for the uberUbi; Do the Duo!
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