End User Experience – Cindy Castegnaro (in her own words)

221)How do you feel after using the UbiDuo to communicate freely with co-workers or customers at Three Rivers? After using the UbiDuo in a group meeting I feel that I know what is going on and happy that I am not missing out as I did before.
2) What is your all time favorite UbiDuo experience? It is ready and all set and that I do not have to worry about if an interpreter is coming or not. 3) What are your thoughts and emotionsas you are able to hold your own conversations on the UbiDuo? This is a blessing! (Cindy on left in a staff meeting and a co-worker is typing for her) 4) What situations have you used the UbiDuo at Three Rivers or other places? My husband has borrowed the UbiDuo to the doctor office and was so applaud that his doctor typed in the UbiDuo without any hesitation and able to understand each other more clearly and conversation went smoothly. My husband walked out of the doctor office feeling more satisfied than he ever did before. A consumer at Three Rivers borrowed the UbiDuo due having to rest her voice box as the doctor order her to do to restore her voice. She had three kids below at the age of 9 and a husband and could not figure out what to do. She wrote on paper to borrow the UbiDuo and she said it was Wonderful to use for 3 weeks. She said her husband could have been in the other room typing in what he needed or what the kids needs and she could read it in the other room and able carry a conversation without having to go where her husband or kids was at. Her voice was restored due on giving it some rest. 5) What other comments would you want to share with the public about the UbiDuo? It is easy to use and worth the price !
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