Someone who is deaf or hard of hearing poses significant communication challenges for first responders in situations where effective communication could mean the difference between life and death. That’s why first responders across the country are incorporating the UbiDuo in their equipment packs.

The UbiDuo is effective when used for:

  • Deaf patients or family members who are providing critical accident information

  • Hard of Hearing or Late Deafened Adults who need to communicate

  • People who are unable to speak due to injury, tracheotomy, ventilation, or other conditions preventing verbal communication

  • People with Expressive Language Disorders, such as stuttering or brain trauma causing speech challenges

  • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder as the two halves of the device can be placed side by side or at a distance

The UbiDuo’s portability makes it an ideal device for staff in the field:

  • Maintain Social Distancing

  • 100’ Line of sight

  • Up to 12-Hour Battery Life

  • Direct, Secure Wireless Unit-to-Unit

  • No Internet, Cellular, or Wi-Fi needed

  • Save exact transcripts of communications for report documentation

  • Transcripts have been held as admissible in court