A Route 66 Adventure

Talk to Me America: Bridging the Deaf and Hearing Face to Face Communication Gap.

sComm has a lot of firsts in our 11 year history.  Here is another one!

Jason Curry, CEO of sComm, the maker of the UbiDuo 2 communication device, is set to drive down the historic Route 66 from St. Louis, Missouri to Amarillo, Texas on October 5 – October 15.  He will have a UbiDuo 2 in the front seat.  What better way to travel and meet people along the way than to use sComm’s UbiDuo 2 communication device for those down-to-earth conversations?

This trip is not just about driving down Route 66 and learning about America’s history but it is the opportunity to be able to talk with the people we meet who have lived and worked along Route 66. We can easily do that using the UbiDuo 2, a go anywhere, talk to anyone communication device. It is about meeting America. Nothing is more Americana than Route 66 with its vintage service gas stations, vintage cars, the Mom-and-Pop stores, quaint motels, the garish and flashy billboards, and classic diners tucked away like a time capsule. Combining those historical spots with the smell, feel, and taste of food and drink found in small towns and Main Streets adds to that extra Americana dimension. Often people who are deaf miss getting to hear those stories.  Not this time with the UbiDuo 2.

The whole communication concept behind the UbiDuo 2 is simple and straightforward. It is used as a crucial communication bridge between a deaf and hearing person without the need to rely on a 3rd person to help with the communication. Some may opt using the paper and pen method but it is guaranteed to be slow with its short and impersonal conversations while each person takes turn reading and writing their responses.

With the UbiDuo 2 communication device, the communication is instantaneous while typing to each other. Communication is done in real time. No need to hit the return key to send out a response. Just sit down and type out your conversation. It becomes a genuine face to face conversation allowing each other to see their conversations in real time while watching each other’s facial responses and body language.

This is no different than seeing two hearing people talk to each other with their voices. It is the same for the UbiDuo 2 communication device when the “talking” is done in real time by typing to each other. Why use a 3rd party to help with the face-to-face communication when both the deaf and the hearing person can use the UbiDuo?   Just sit down, open up the UbiDuo 2 communication device that comes in with two halves with its own screen and keyboard, turn it on, and 3 seconds later you’re ready to communicate. No Wi-Fi connection is needed. Connection is done wirelessly. It does not use the internet. It is a dedicated communication device meant for one thing, the clear, 100% accessible communication between a deaf and hearing person.

Come and join us, and follow our Route 66 adventure. Who knows what we will learn from the people who live and work on Route 66? We get to hear their stories and they have the chance to communicate with a deaf person using the UbiDuo 2 communication device for the first time in their life.

The original plan was for Jason to drive his navy blue ’67 Mustang that he bought with his paper route money back in Junior High.  He has kept that Mustang to this day and is having it restored.  The restoration is not complete but it will be when he begins driving another section of Route 66 next year.

But now……..follow us along and enjoy the stories of those we meet and communicate with on Route 66!  The UbiDuo 2 is going to make that possible.

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