You can provide a fuller experience for your students who are deaf or hard of hearing without breaking your budget. When a student who is deaf/HOH asks for accommodations beyond the scope of typical services, such as interpreters or CART, what is your answer?

Do you have a solution that addresses the need for spontaneous, face to face communication such as informal study groups, a quick question at the Financial Aid office, or a social club or group?

With a one-time fixed cost, the UbiDuo 3 intrinsically supports student engagement and retention efforts by providing students with access to every office, every activity 24/7/365. No scheduling needed, no predicting “anticipated” budgetary expenses.

The video below will give you a quick overview of how this small, portable device is changing retention and academic success for deaf/HOH students across the country.

The Top Ten Uses of the UbiDuo for Education

  1. Independent Communication: Any staff member, counselor or administrator can communicate at any place and anytime.
  2. Instructor Communication in the Classroom: The UbiDuo 3 “writer” can sit anywhere in the room and type while the instructor is speaking. The student can receive the information anywhere in the room on their half of the device, or the information can be projected to a screen or TV. The instructor can also use the device after class with the student for additional questions. This can also be used in Lab settings.
  3. Tutoring Sessions: A tutor can have a session with a deaf/hard or hearing student without the need for an interpreter.
  4. Note Taking: All notes, information or communication on the device can be saved and printed
  5. Work Programs and Career Centers: Student can independently interview with potential employers and can communicate on the job with employers and coworkers face to face.
  6. Group Discussions: Connecting multiple devices together allows for 3 and 4-way chat to accommodate any type of group discussion. Enables participation in a study group setting when interpreters aren’t available
  7. Effective, Efficient Communication: Allows hearing staff and students who don’t know ASL to communicate directly with deaf/hard of hearing students.
  8. Improve English Skills: Students can “see/read” a total input of vocabulary.
  9. Develop Friendships and Relationships: The device enables discussions in class, social interactions, and engagement.
  10. Social Events/Clubs/Sports: Students can use the device in extracurricular activities and events. The UbiDuo 3 provides complete privacy and independence.

Some of the 350+ Universities and Colleges Using the UbiDuo