Don’t Forget: The UbiDuo is in every Social Security Administration Office nationwide

The UbiDuo is available in every Social Security Administration office across the country to allow deaf and hard of hearing clients to communicate face-to-face with the SSA staff. These communication devices are enabling Social Security staff to interact directly and immediately with clients who are deaf or hard of hearing who walk into SSA office for assistance.
Rather than using paper and pen or waiting for a sign language interpreter to arrive, the staff can turn on the UbiDuo and within seconds begin engaging a conversation with the client. This portable communication tool can be carried anywhere within an office, and its self-powered battery provides power when electrical outlets are not available. Its speed and ease-of-use is enabling Social Security staff to better meet the needs of its clients who are deaf, hard of hearing, or other communication challenges. For example, clients who can hear but have difficulty speaking because of a tracheotomy or a stroke can use the UbiDuo.
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