UbiDuo Workplace Solutions

Communiphobia - (noun) a terrifying fear of no communication.

The UbiDuo allows people to be able to have unlimited face-to-face conversations with their co-workers and supervisors. The UbiDuo eliminates the barriers and frustration of not being able to communicate quickly and easily. It eliminates Communiphobia, which is a common syndrome! This first-of-a-kind device not only eliminates communication barriers but enables face-to-face interaction between people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing. 

One employee who uses the UbiDuo said, “Having sign language interpreters present at group meetings or special workshops is extremely important to me to ensure that I don’t miss out any communication. The UbiDuo also boosts face-to-face communication for me with anyone, anytime while I’m working on my own. UbiDuo is perfect for me especially when I need to interact with my boss on a daily basis rather than have to wait till a scheduled interpreter arrives maybe twice a month in order to communicate with my boss. By having both the sign language interpreters and UbiDuo to communicate with peers, this ensures full communication access 24/7/365!”

Based on the many positive testimonials that reach sComm, like the one above, the UbiDuo has become the ubiquitous and most desirable face-to-face communication solution for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Vocational Rehabilitation
The UbiDuo is utilized for the most important mode of communication, face-to-face. Many times employees, students, and individuals that are looking for ways to communicate better don’t realize that they can go to their local Vocational Rehabilitation office and talk to their counselor about the desire to get a UbiDuo. Vocational Rehabilitation is focused on maximizing the capability of employment for their clients and the UbiDuo allows people to be able to have unlimited face-to-face conversations with their co-workers and supervisors.
The UbiDuo allows for deaf or hard of hearing employees to communicate with team members in the office or in the field without losing costly time. It is a valuable tool to help employees during performance reviews, benefits inquiries, and general questions regarding their daily duties and tasks; thus, helping mitigate safety risks and increase employee engagement. The UbiDuo is also beneficial in recruiting and interviewing. It empowers a deaf or hard of hearing individual who is seeking employment with your company by providing them with a means to interview face-to-face without barriers. The “save” feature enables the user to retain and document the interview to maintain on file that could protect your company from wrongful claims of discrimination.
The UbiDuo helps deaf and hard of hearing consumers that seek services from your company by offering a simple solution that empowers them to seek assistance and ask questions to your staff when they need guidance with projects and purchases; which increases your sales and profit margins. Most importantly, it builds relationships that keep them returning to your store. It provides an avenue for a deaf or hard of hearing employee to interact face-to-face with consumers directly. It empowers them to be able to deliver the same great customer service they would obtain from a hearing employee. The UbiDuo ensures your store is diverse and inclusive!
Financial Institutions
The UbiDuo is an invaluable solution when accommodating communication needs for the deaf and hard of hearing and increases the potential for them to become independent account owners, access banking services, receive financial coaching, and other critical services in the financial mainstream. By using the UbiDuo, you quickly connect face-to-face with an individual with no wait time to provide the same services your hearing clients are accustomed to; all while helping create higher customer satisfaction and building relationships which increases retention rates. It also strategically places your institution on the forefront of gaining new customers by providing barrier free access to communication services.
Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with one new job created every 2.5 seconds around the globe. This places an extra emphasis on the importance of providing communication access to deaf and hard of hearing travelers, which is paramount. By providing the UbiDuo on site, your team offers the opportunity and ability for guests to be able to communicate freely and build lasting relationships during check-in/check-out, when ordering meals, while seeking local attraction information or needing safety instructions. The UbiDuo shows your organization is going the extra mile to be more accommodating to current and future deaf and hard of hearing guests.