Clois James – Father Whose Son is Deaf

71) How do you feel after using the UbiDuo freely with Dana without any barriers?It is wonderful for us to know that we can easily communicate with Dana, and also, feel more confident that each party will understand what the other is trying to say. Many times before, both parties would think they had understood the other, only to find out later that one or both misunderstood.
2) How does Dana feel being able to finally communicate with the family on the UbiDuo? He is very pleased with the UbiDuo. However, his actions tell me more than his words. The UbiDuo was given to him as a surprise at a family Thanksgiving dinner. So he was a little bit overwhelmed, I think. I noticed that he communicated with family members at length. Now that he knows about the UbiDuo he will be able to see, as he goes about his daily activities, which situations will benefit from using the UbiDuo. 83) What are your thoughts and emotions as the family and Dana are able to hold conversations on the UbiDuo? I cannot find a word to describe our joy and relief to see Dana and his family finally be able to communicate freely after waiting 50 years. For us, his parents, to watch the joy on the faces of all the family, to hear them express it in words and actions, and to see Dana be able to spend several hours doing nothing but communicating with the family was an incredible experience. It was his “time to talk” and no note pad needed 94) What situations have you, family and Dana used the UbiDuo in social functions rather than to be uncomfortably seated or standing next to the person? We have been family focused up to this point. We want to experiment using the UbiDuo when we play family games by having a family member and Dana on the UbiDuo and the family member typing what is said and any other instructions or information which Dana may need
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