The impact of the UbiDuo on the Calendar – sComm CEO Jason Curry

Even if an employer provides an interpreter for the training period of a new deaf employee, that employer cannot be expected to provide an interpreter on a daily basis, after training has concluded. The true test begins when face-to-face communication … Read More

UbiDuo 1 grows up, into UbiDuo 2

sComm has come a very long way since that life changing day with my dad.  It started out as my father trying to communicate better with me as his son, and has now evolved into a company whose mission is … Read MoreRead More

Desire To Communicate – sComm CEO Jason Curry

Not Only Deaf and Hard of Hearing Have a Desire to Communicate But Hearing Do Too  By  Jason Curry, CEO As some of you may, or may not, know I was born profoundly deaf.  Despite it, or because of it, … Read MoreRead More

DeafTechNews – UbiDuo 1 & UbiDuo 2 Analysis

DeafTechNews – Analysis of the difference between the UbiDuo 1 and the UbiDuo 2. http://www.deaftechnews.com/2013/06/18/hands-on-with-scomms-ubiduo-1-and-the-next-generation-ubiduo-2/

Scavenger Hunt Part 1

David Curry – UbiDuo 2 Launch

Dr. Janice Emerzian – UbiDuo 2 Launch

Sandra Parkhurst – UbiDuo 2 Launch

UbiDuo 2 – Folding Demo

Jason – UbiDuo 2 Launch