Callaway Community Hospital Meets Deaf Patients’ Needs

2 Callaway Community Hospital in Fulton, Missouri, bought a UbiDuo two months ago to help serve their patients who are deaf. The hospital has had considerable experience with communication issues presented when patients are deaf or hard of hearing and staff can not sign.
The hospital had on-call interpreters, but patients sometimes had to wait an hour or more for one to become available. Enter the UbiDuo. “From our standpoint, it’s making our job much easier. We’re able to communicate quickly, easily,” said Lisa Clark, nursing unit director at Calloway Community Hospital. The hospital uses the UbiDuo in the emergency room, the obstetrics department, the medical/surgical unit, the intensive care unit, and the Fulton Medical Clinic associated with the hospital. “If we can make life easier for one deaf person, it’s an investment that’s worthwhile.” said John Graves, CEO of Callaway Community Hospital.
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