Belated Happy New Year from the CEO, Jason Curry

I want to wish you all a belated Happy New Year. This issue is late due to an exciting change for sComm. Last week we relocated from our cramped office in Independence, Missouri, to roomy new office/warehouse space in downtown Raytown, Missouri. The company is growing, and it is nice to consolidate our offices with storage for the UbiDuos. The phone numbers are still the same except the fax number has changed.
If you’re ever in Raytown, stop on by to check it out! The new address and fax number are: sComm 6238 Hadley Street Raytown, MO 64133 816-737-1790 fax This past January also meant another milestone for sComm: it’s been one full year since we shipped the first UbiDuo orders to clients. Since January 29, 2007, we have learned a lot about the different kind of people who are benefiting from the UbiDuo. We have UbiDuo customers all over the U.S. whose lives have changed because they have experienced the freedom of face to face communication. For the first time our clients are able to communicate with co-workers, managers, doctors, nurses, parents, friends, teachers, counselors, or their own clients freely and without barriers. In stories our clients who are deaf or hard of hearing tell us, they realize all their lives they have been shut out from easily holding a conversation with a hearing person throughout each day. The UbiDuo allows those deaf individuals to strike up a conversation with anyone, any place, and most importantly, ANY TIME. sComm is focused on giving deaf and hard of hearing people the power of face to face communication during the times that an interpreter is not available. We are not in the business of replacing interpreters. Also during this first year of sales, we became aware of a misconception about the UbiDuo. Some people (hearing and deaf/hard of hearing) think that ASL users can’t use the UbiDuo because of their English skills. I want to emphasize that ASL users with low level English can and do use the UbiDuo. So many clients who use ASL have made it clear to us that they are thrilled to have the ability to communicate independently and freely for themselves with hearing people. Don Garretson, a strong ASL user, made this statement: “It is not about my English, it is about me being able to talk to anyone I want on my own.” sComm is committed to giving those who are deaf or hard of hearing the power to converse independently and freely no matter what their grammar skill levels are. If you or someone you know is deaf or hard of hearing, or if you know of an organization, agency, or company that employs or works with people who are deaf/hard of hearing that could use the UbiDuo, forward this message or give us a call. Help us with our mission of shattering the communication barrier!
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