Another Experience – MU/OU Game

19Two weeks ago, I went with a bunch of hearing guys to the MU/OU Big 12 Championship football game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Only two of them knew sign language; the other 15 men didn’t. We spent two hours hanging out in the parking lot tailgating before the game. Everyone was drinking beer and talking and joking around. My biggest
challenge was when my signing friends were chatting with other people — I was stuck with nobody who knew how to sign. So I got my UbiDuo out , sat down in a folding chair and conversed with seven different guys. One guy and I ended up talking for a good 30 minutes nonstop! I had a blast at the tailgating party. After the game, eight of us returned to my house to spend the night. Believe it or not, I sat on the couch and talked on the UbiDuo till 3:00 in the morning with one new friend!! If I hadn’t been able to carry on a conversation, I wouldn’t have had nearly as good a time that night! It was one of the most amazing and liberating communication experiences! (Me on the left; Rick Monsees on right at the MU/OU football game) UbiDuo User Experience – Greg Carrier 1) How do you feel after using the UbiDuo to communicate freely with hearing people in different settings? For me, it’s not really a question of feeling anything. I’ve always been very independent and flexible in terms of adapting to situations. If anything, the UbiDuo has reinforced my independence and flexibility because it provides a more natural method of communicating with hearing people. In fact, a lot of hearing people mention to me how much the UbiDuo is like a portable version of MSN, and since most people know how that works, they know how to work with the UbiDuo intuitively and just run with it. 2) What is your all time favorite UbiDuo experience? I’m a graduate student working towards my MA [Master of Arts] degree in medieval history. In May of this year [2008], I attended a major medieval studies conference in the US and I met another graduate student who was working in the same sub-field I was, namely medieval disability history, which is a very new and emerging sub-field within medieval history. One evening, she asked me if I had any information to share with her regarding my research, books to read, and so on. This was at about 9 pm; we ended up talking until very nearly 4.30 the next morning before we finally realized what the time was. We’ve gone on to become very good colleagues and close friends since. (Hearing peer and Greg Carrier on right) 3) What are your thoughts and emotions as you are able to hold your own conversations on the UbiDuo? Truthfully, I have to say that my answer for the first question app lies here as well. The UbiDuo didn’t transform my life as much as it reinforced my independence and reaffirmed that I was indeed on the right path. 4) What situations have you used the UbiDuo in such as meetings or social functions? I’ve used the UbiDuo at several academic conferences, in meetings with my MA supervisor,and when meeting new people. Often the UbiDuo ends up being a conversation starter because so many hearing people find it quite remarkable and comment upon it – it really is a very good icebreaker because before we both know it, we’re carrying on a perfectly normal conversation! 5) What other comments would you want to share with the public about the UbiDuo? I really can’t think of anything else to add here, except to affirm the comment I made at the end of the last question, that the UbiDuo really is a wonderful conversation starter – odds are that most deaf people would be very glad to explain how the UbiDuo works and, quite honestly, you’ll be carrying on a normal conversation like you’ve always been old friends before you know it. UbiDuo Christmas Special!We are offering a Christmas special: Order a UbiDuo on or before December 31 and receive a $150.00 discount! Order the UbiDuo for only $1,845! This low price includes the UbiDuo carrying case, one year of free firmware updates, a one-year warranty and free shipping. Read more about the UbiDuo at www.scomm.com , or call us at 1-866-505-7008. Hurry up and order your UbiDuo today at this discounted price! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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