Analysis of Face – to – Face Communication from the CEO, Jason Curry

Face-to-face communication is the centerpiece to success in any relationship. It is not a luxury.It is a necessity. Face-to-face communication matters! Over time and throughface-to-face communication, people form stronger and more lasting relationships. The abilityto hold face-to-face conversations throughout the day is the most critical factor in havinghealthy and meaningful relationships. There are many virtual ways of connecting with people with but there is nothing, I believe, that can replace face-to-face interaction. As humans, the fact is people crave and benefit from social interaction. People who are deaf or hard of hearing miss out on this important aspect in their everyday living: the ability to hold face-to-face conversations with hearing people at any time. There is an old saying that “you don’t know
what you are missing because you never had it to begin with.” That is often the case with those of us who are deaf or hard of hearing. We don’t know how much information we are missingin our daily situations because few of us are in situations where an interpreter is available 24 hours a day. We often even agree with people that to have an interpreter 24 hours a day would be impossible. So we accept that we will not be included in most of the ongoing conversation in settings with people who are hearing. We subconsciously agree that we don’t need to know what everyone else knows, because we haven’t had any way in the past to be included in the information sharing. BUT WE DO NEED TO KNOW. Much of what might be considered“ idle chit -chat” in face-to-face communication actually advances a person’s career, makes friendships that last a lifetime, and deepens the pool of knowledge. Our goal is to show that face-to -face interaction with the UbiDuo will provide opportunities that other communication methods like email, IM, video remote interpreting (VRI), or video relay service (VRS) don’t. People who are deaf or hard of hearing get real-time information and develop a rapport in face-to-face relationships. The UbiDuo allows people to communicate naturally and be on the same page. We reap the benefits of face-to-face communication with the UbiDuo. This month, I wanted to share some of the face-to -face experiences UbiDuo users have had, including my own. It is an incredible feeling when you have the ability like hearing people to strike up a conversation on the spot, especially at work, a party or at lunch or in a meeting. Communicate freely, Jason
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