An autumn message from the CEO, Jason Curry

An autumn message from the CEO, Jason Curry Can you believe fall is already here, and the holidays are around the corner? School has been in session for 8 – 10 weeks, depending where youlive, which means this is a good time for me to share with you how well the UbiDuo works in colleges and universities across the country and, more specifically, Fresno City College in California. Fresno CityCollege has experienced a major shift in the landscape of face-to-face
communication between deaf/hard of hearing students and school staff since the UbiDuo made its way to this historic campus (it’s California’s first community college). The UbiDuo allows the school staff and deaf/hard of hearing students to communicate with each other in different situations on any part of the campus. Here are some of the reasons why the UbiDuo is effective in college or university settings like Fresno City College: 1) It facilitates face-to-face communication be tween deaf/hard of hearing students and teachers, counselors, advisors, administrators, or other hearing peers. 2)It helps students develop friendships and relationships. 3)It’s handy at social events such as fraternity or sorority functions (and a greatconversation starter!). 4) It makes spontaneous study sessions or student/advisor conferences possible without an interpreter. 5)It can be used at many locations on campus: the library, Admissions office, Financial Aid office, Disability Services, cafeteria, professors’ offices, and an Information Desk. Don’t take my word for it. Read our interview below with our contact at Fresno City College and see how the UbiDuo is changing lives on campus. Communicate freely, Jason  
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