A Thought-Provoking message from the CEO, Jason Curry

In this current economy, it’s difficult for everyone to find a job. It can be even more difficult for someone needing extra services. No agency or company can stand an interpreter beside an employee who is deaf or hard of hearing 8 hours a day to provide equal access to communication. The UbiDuo is filling in that gap when the interpreter is not available.
People who are deaf or hard of hearing can communicate quickly and efficiently on the job by using the UbiDuo with co-workers, managers and clients. Equal communication access gives employees who are deaf the same opportunities as their hearing peers, as evident in the following quote from one satisfied customer: “I can communicate all day long independently without an interpreter. We had a daily 10-minute meeting in which I was never included because of the interpreter costs. Now I am in every daily meeting. I have a chance for a promotion now.” With an average minimum fee of $150, the cost for an interpreter can easily add up to thousands of dollars in a year. The UbiDuo is one solution that can pay for itself in about two months.
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