A Spring Message from the CEO, Jason Curry

Can you believe 2008 is almost half over? Time has flown by so fast! Spring is here, and the weather is finally fantastic. My staff and I have traveled to many conferences and trade shows. At each event, local clients have stopped by our booth to share their exciting life-changing stories. Many of these stories take place in the work environment. For this reason, I want to focus on why the UbiDuo is instrumental in the workplace for deaf and
hearing employees. Coworkers value face-to-face communication — between management and employees, and among staff members. Managers want to make sure that a job candidate or a current employee has the ability to communicate easily at any time. That is what makes the work process the most effective and efficient. Workers need to be able to meet with a manager for a 15-minute work-related discussion. Or, two officemates should have the freedom to sit across from each other over a cup of coffee and havean invigorating conversation. There are a few reasons why the UbiDuo is very important in the work environment. 1) Effective face to face communication between deaf and hearing co-workers and managers. When a deaf coworker wants to communicate with a hearing coworker or manager without an interpreter, the barriers come up between them like a brick wall. The UbiDuo knocks down that brick wall and allows them to strike up a conversation anytime. It is the key to ongoing conversations throughout the workday. 2) Independent, instant communication. Coworkers and managers can communicate simultaneously about the work. Informa tion can be exchanged immediately. 3) Mobility. The UbiDuo can be taken anywhere for a face-to-face meeting. The UbiDuo is its own independent system. It does not depend on an Internet connection or an outside network.If you or someone you know is deaf or hard of hearing, forward this message or give us a call. Or, if you know of an organization, agency, or company that employs or works with people who are deaf/hard of hearing that could use the UbiDuo, let us know. Help us with our mission of shattering the communication barrier!
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