A Merry Christmas message from the CEO, Jason Curry

Merry Christmas to you! I want to share my thoughts about the power of face to face communication. Hearing people are lucky. They can strike up a conversation with
anyone, any place, and most importantly, ANY TIME. Face to face communication is how business is transacted and how human beings relate to one another. It is how patients talk to doctors. It is how friends talk to each other. Employers value communication skills when hiring workers. People with good communication skills are more likely to get promoted. Hearing people take the ease of conversation, especially in the workplace, for granted. People who are deaf or hard of hearing lack that ability to easily interact face to face with hearing people. The UbiDuo gives people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing the power to communicate freely face to face. The UbiDuo makes face to face communication possible within families, in hospitals, in jobs, or in any setting where two people need to communicate. The deaf and hard of hearing live in a reality where we expect others to facilitate our face to face conversations. It is a switch in our thinking to realize that we have the power to communicate with our own “voices” using the UbiDuo. That power doesn’t have to be given away to someone like an interpreter. sComm and the UbiDuo are not about replacing the interpreter. We are about giving the POWER and the FREEDOM to communicate freely. Exclusive UbiDuo Christmas Special Offer ~ Now till December 24 at Noon ~ For more information, scroll to the bottom of this message!
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